Atmega32u2, Keyboards, LED, Macros, Ortholinear, PrimeKB, Verical Keys

Red Hot PCB: Prime_O Keyboards

This week’s Red Hot PCB is a custom ortholinear keyboard, “Prime_O,” designed by PrimeKB.

The Prime_O keyboard is different from your normal staggered keys by having vertical columned keys. It runs on an open source firmware called QMK that provides for a fully programmable keyboard and macros. The PCB has an Atmega32u2 micro controller that supports the N-key, per-key LED backlighting, and also the N-key rollover. It is tested by flashing the MCU with the prepared firmware and then shorting the pads for each switch, to make sure that each short provides an output.

Thank you to Holten Campbell with PrimeKB for his contribution on today’s post!