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Test & Iterate

On Your Design Iterate quickly and easily without phone calls or emails. MacroFab's self-service platform is the most advanced way to prototype PCB assemblies. From 1-100 units, place an order in minutes with automated quoting and get your product going in as little as 10 days.


Your Product Whether you have your first 100, or 1,000 customers, MacroFab makes bringing your product to market easier than ever. Ramp up to meet demand on the MacroFab platform without long-term contracts or planning capacity months in advance.


To Meet Demand The MacfoFab platform gives you the tools to deliver products for 10,000+ customers through our global network of electronics factories. Whether you need PCB assembly, box build or logistics services, we’ve got you covered.

Industries Served

We deliver your product to your customers as easily as possible.

  • Internet of Things

    Are you building the next great connected device? We've built the PCBs and enclosures for self-driving vehicles, home devices, and other connected items at the industrial and consumer levels. Create an account today to see how easy it is to get started.

  • Digital Oilfield

    Streamline your field operations and work with MacroFab to assemble smart devices to help your operators act on production-related information in real time. Improve safety and reduce costs with a connected workforce.

  • Robotics/Drones

    You have a team of mechanical, software and electrical engineers working on your robotics and drones. Use MacroFab to assemble your prototypes, then work with our project managers to scale your growth for your customers.

  • Industrial Automation

    Build your control systems with MacroFab and get up and running faster than before. Maintain visibility and control over the PCB Assembly process every step of the way through our online platform.

  • Consumer Electronics

    Work with MacroFab to manufacture your consumer electronics. Our self-service platform makes it easier to prototype, then our project managers will work with you on custom quotes for production.

  • Your Industry

    Regardless of your industry type, we help clients solve their problems and get to market faster than ever. Ready to get started? Sign up today!

  • Macrofab has the best customer service I have ever experienced anywhere, bar none.
  • Amazing service. Complete turnkey PCB manufacturing at an affordable price.
  • We quickly realized how forward thinking MacroFab is and immediately noticed the high quality of their manufacturing.
  • I've worked with expensive shops before and can say this is the the future of PCB and hardware manufacturing.

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