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Red Hot PCB: QWERTY Keyboard Badge for Hackaday

This week’s Red Hot PCB comes from our friends at Hackaday. It’s a revision of their Basic Badge and is for the upcoming SuperCon Nov. 2-4, 2018. We were so excited to build their first article and production run! The SuperCon badge has a full QWERTY keyboard, beautiful color screen, and a speaker with 3-voice audio. There’s an interpreter and editor so that you can write your own programs in the BASIC programming language and store sixteen programs of up to 16 kb in size. It runs CP/M so you can play Zork on it (loaded by default) or use a serial to USB to load your own programs.

According to the builders (Voja Antonic: Hardware, Jaromir Sukuba: Software), this is just the beginning of their design. It gained initial interest after being wildly popular at the Hackaday Belgrade conference in May. Head over to that project page on Hackaday to prep for this week’s super conference!

Show up at Supercon this year and grab your badge, any extras will be sold on Tindie.