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MEP EP#192: The Fourth Rule of Robotics

Podcast Notes

Episode 200 is Coming Up!

  • Question / Answer setup like Episode 100
  • Send them via Audio Format to


  • Hayward Tigershark
    • Hasn’t electrocuted anyone yet!
  • Ordered PinoTaur REV 2
    • Slight layout tweaks
    • Fixed the Relay problem
    • Silkscreen labeling changes
  • Air Raid Siren


  • Eepartpicker
    • Thinking of what comes first
    • Probably a resistor
    • Would like to see opamps
    • Template?
  • Fermentation controller
    • Moar parts arriving
    • Level Shifter for the screen?


Air Raid siren Parker is printing.

Air Raid siren Parker is printing.

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!