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With recent supply shortages, long lead times, and logistics challenges, manufacturers need a better long-term approach to maintain supply chain continuity.
MacroFab has created our CM Candidate Decision Matrix Tool to help guide you through the decision-making process and to the right decision for you.
In the modern economy, supply chain disruption is inevitable. Our supplier networks are deeply intertwined. Regional occurrences can affect locations halfway across the world.
Q4 of 2021 saw a 150% increase in component search activity compared to the previous year as companies searched for new ways to meet deadlines and maintain revenue.
China’s dominant role as the “world’s factory” has recently clashed with the real need for agility and quick turnaround for specialized production.
It is important when embarking on any new project to minimize risk. New system development must achieve critical milestones at each stage, from concept through engineering prototype, on to the first build.
As new technologies, capabilities, and manufacturing equipment come into play, the prototyping phase validates the functionality of a new product.
Manufacturing location is a serious decision with long term production ramifications. EEs and tech startups must weigh all factors before choosing a location.
Industrial environments need industrial-strength components. But how can you ensure products will remain robust for years in harsh surroundings?
Successful product integrations begin with early planning. A Design for Manufacturing (DFM) plan helps guide every new product development step to achieve excellent end results.
Your needs vary. Between NPIs, legacy parts, prototypes, and ongoing production runs, order size can vary from a few dozen to thousands. Can one factory do it all and do it well?
Your CM partnership will factor deeply in the success or failure of your product. Learn how to choose the right partner for your needs.
Digital manufacturing platforms are streamlining old processes while adding new opportunities to EMS manufacturing.