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MEP EP#100: The Q&A Episode

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Parker Dillmann
Stephen Kraig

Iris Weeden

Podcast Notes

  • Iris Weeden
    • MacroFab’s Marketing Director
    • Award-winning marketer with ten years of experience
    • Native Houstonian and lover of music, dogs, and beers
  • Episode 100!!!!!!
    • The Q&A Episode
    • Thanks to our listeners who submitted questions through email and our Slack channel
  • Questions
    • Brandon Drury
      • How in the hell does one survive engineering school?
      • What should a person expect to get from a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering?
      • What’s the dumbest/smartest thing a person can do with shift registers?
      • What’s a good resource for learning how to prototype? My wires are always a mess. I have no idea what kind of box can hold panel-style outlets. I’m looking for a resource that will improve my ability to take a circuit that works into a form factor, that will allow it to be tested in a halfway reliable way.
    • Emmett Naughton
      • What’s the best way to get a electrical engineering job? Mostly for somebody with a degree but who doesn’t have job experience in the field.
    • Stephen Newberry
      • What is the best method for us hardware engineers to monetize our side projects? I personally don’t have the time to handle manufacturing or customer support in the long term. I’ve considered contacting companies to sell a design for a lump sum or royalty based model, but I’ve never gone through with it. What are your suggestions on what will or won’t work best?
    • Tom Anderson
      • I would like to hear the story behind: What is the worst electrical shock that (one of the guys) has ever had? From Episode #85
    • Hyr0n of the AND!XOR team
      • What is the difference between a duck?
      • All of a sudden one of the following two things no longer exists: Craft Beer OR Lead-Alloy Solder. Which do you pick?
    • Zapp of the AND!XOR team
      • Would you rather assemble 1,000 duck sized horse PCBs or 1 horse sized duck PCB?

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MacroFab Engineering Podcast EP#100!

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!