PCB assembly, & system integration

Get quality-guaranteed PCB assembly and system integration, on time and at a competitive price. Access virtually unlimited capacity from our certified partners to hit your forecasted delivery schedule‒and keep your customers happy.
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Mid-high volume production
On-time delivery
Competitive pricing
Quality guaranteed

“We quickly realized how forward thinking MacroFab is and immediately noticed the high quality of their manufacturing.”

Andy S.

Procurement Specialist, Seymour Duncan

Everyone is counting on you.

The stakes are high when your job is to get high quality assembly at the best pricing, and delivered on time. MacroFab helps you nail it.

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Photo of a dimly lit room with a computer interface terminal.

Worry-free pricing

Forecast your metrics, budget, and create purchase orders with 100% confidence. MacroFab delivers quotes with consistent, globally competitive, and transparent pricing in one to three days.

Take the pain and frustration out of constantly chasing quotes by accessing MacroFab’s 40-plus factory partners with available capacity and get the most competitive prices globally.

MacroFab specializes in both prototyping and high volume production. Send us your quote package for high volume and we’ll do the footwork of sourcing multiple quotes from our network of partners and we’ll deliver the best option based on price, quality and lead time.

Even if you get an instant online quote for high volume production, speak to our Sales Team to see if we can negotiate better pricing for you.

Elastic factory capacity

Save the day with PCB assembly and system integration delivered on time, every time. Our MacroFab network of partners are certified and pre-vetted. You work with one team, one software platform and a single source of accountability. With MacroFab, your order will be routed to the factory best suited to meet your specific requirements, without spending months re-negotiating your factory contract.

Photo of a dimly lit room with a computer interface terminal.
Photo of a dimly lit room with a computer interface terminal.

Hit your forecasted schedule

On-time delivery keeps you on schedule with your colleagues and customers. Gain visibility into the timeline of your assembly and final product, through our platform and experienced team, so you can keep every other department on their schedule (and off your back). No more surprises.

Multiple factories, fewer delays

Leverage the virtually unlimited capacity of a 40-plus MacroFab partner network so you’re never vulnerable to the capacity of a single contract manufacturer. Place orders of any size and be sure that they will be produced to MacroFab’s standards and delivered on time. Learn more about our factory network. 

Photo of a dimly lit room with a computer interface terminal.
Photo of a dimly lit room with a computer interface terminal.

Attractive payment terms

MacroFab offers payment terms for high-volume orders to qualified customers at globally competitive prices. Forecast with greater reliability. Send your quote package to our Sales Team to get started on the application process while we build your custom quote.
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The MacroFab Guarantee

MacroFab guarantees the quality of our workmanship for one year after manufacture. If in the rare instance, your boards have issues with the workmanship, we’ll do whatever it takes to get it right – for free. Our service team will provide transparent communication at every step and your information is 100% confidential; your intellectual property is secure. Our aim is to give you the best electronics manufacturing experience at globally competitive prices, with lower lead times and higher quality, all backed by an experienced team.

Photo of a dimly lit room with a computer interface terminal.
Photo of a dimly lit room with a computer interface terminal.

Get the highest rated customer service

Gain visibility throughout the purchasing and assembly process, including start and finish dates – all on the MacroFab Platform. Gain greater control with no surprises, and report to your leaders with greater confidence. Our experienced teams are available to update you via email, weekly calls or whichever way you prefer. Transparency is our watchword.

Login to our interface at any time to view real time updates on pricing, status and our supply chain.

Need prototypes first?

Use MacroFab for prototypes too. With no minimum quantities and turnaround times in as little as 10 days, your engineering team can test and iterate faster than ever before. Speak to your Engineering department about using our online interface for their next prototypes. Learn more.

Photo of a dimly lit room with a computer interface terminal.


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