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The Electronics Product Design Lifecycle: How Delays Happen

The Electronics Product Design Lifecycle: How Delays Happen

Even before production begins, hardware teams are juggling multiple deadlines. It’s easy to get bogged down and off track during the electronics design cycle if you don't plan properly.

Despite the fact that every product development process is different, there are some commonalities. Throughout this white paper, you will learn how to avoid the most commonly encountered design lifecycle difficulties. Our discussion will include:

  • An overview of a typical Product Design process
  • Four of the biggest pitfalls you should avoid
  • The importance of component availability to two-thirds of electronics teams
  • How to avoid the most damaging production delay
  • And much more!

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What It Is

A breakdown of frequent delays in the electronics design cycle

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Product Owners & Engineering Teams

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Identify prevalent design cycle issues and avoid them to stay on schedule