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Old FootPrint DRC Errors

Update to the USB Micro Connector for Eagle EDA Tool

Today we have an update to our MicroUSB-RIGHT connector in the Eagle MF-Connectors Library. This House Part uses oblong shaped holes for the mounting tabs. The old footprint used Eagle Layer 20, which was the dimension layer for the routing. This throws dimension DRC problems (See Figure 1).


Figure 1: DRC errors the previous MicroUSB-RIGHT connector created.


We changed the layer from dimension layer 20 to milling layer 46, which solved the DRC errors. Layer 46 is still placed into the .BOR border gerber file for production use and no longer throws DRC errors (See Figure 2).


Figure 2: The new footprint has no DRC errors.


You may need to add milling layer 46 to your viewable layers in Eagle to see the new lines (See Figure 3).

Figure 3: Changing the milling layer to view able.

Figure 3: Add milling layer 46 to your viewable layers to see the new lines.


We will be updating the parts libraries in the next coming months to facilitate easier Bill of Material parts matching and usage. Stay tuned to our github library and blog for updates!