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Red Hot PCB: Single Key Mechanical Keyboard

The Big Switch is a fully-functional programmable macro key that runs QMK, complete with 4 underglow RGB LEDs and one upfacing RGB LED to make it glow. There is also a mini USB port for compatibility with custom cables.
The designer of the Big Switch, Cole Markham, is a part of a community of mechanical keyboard enthusiasts. Another vendor in the community made a novelty switch that is 4x the dimensions of a normal switch. Since he only released the switch with no accessories, Markham decided to make a PCB that would make the switch a fully-functional single-key keyboard.
He also wanted it to function as a desk lamp so Markham added programmable RGB LEDs. It runs the open source QMK firmware that powers many keyboards in the enthusiast world, so it offers the full range of functionality (at least as much as you can get with a single switch).

Thank you Cole Markham for your contribution to this Red Hot PCB article!


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