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Red Hot PCB: Open Source Autonomous Vehicles, using ESP8266

The San Francisco based startup,, is exposing what is going on inside the vehicle you drive everyday and making self-driving cars available to the masses. This week’s Red Hot PCB features a universal car interface named “Panda”. Panda’s software is 100% open source and can give you a wide range of data by plugging into your car’s OBDII port. These boards are equipped with both USB and Wi-Fi capabilities, and supports 3 CAN (Controller Area Network), 2 LIN (Local Interconnect Network), and 1 GMLAN (General Motor Local Area Network). Outside of the product, panda is compatible with several of’s software tools:

  1. Chffr app – cloud-recording dashboard camera, when shared with panda allows you to record all the sensors from your car, including RPM, MPG, etc.
  2. Open pilot – open-source autonomous driving software, will be able to use Panda to take control of a compatible vehicle’s gas, brakes, and steering.
  3. Comma Cabana – CAN analysis tool that takes the data Chffr records from Panda and interprets it for you.

As a coincidence, was recently featured on our podcast. Listen to the episode for more information!

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