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Neurobyte Touch Sensor

Red Hot PCB: Microcontroller Powered Electonic Neuron Simulators

Ever thought about building your own brain? This weeks Red Hot PCB features Neurobytes designed by Neurotinkers. NeuroBytes are open source electronic neuron simulators that are designed to help students understand the basics of neuroscience! This PCB is known as the Touch Sensor, which is part of a biological neural network that allows you to physically recreate and interact with different elements of the nervous system. Similar to the real brain, these circuits can be triggered by touch, light, sound, and temperature to produce motor output. Each modular board includes five dendrites (inputs) along with two axon terminal (outputs) that allow easy connection with other identical boards. The NeuroBytes are powered by an Atmel ATtiny44A microcontroller running various types of open-source firmware and are flashed with a neuron program that manages to keep track of internal membrane potential. NeuroBytes have evolved since 2014 with approximately 1400 individual elements built to date, along with numerous accessories that help constructed networks interface with the real world.

Neurobyte Touch Sensor

Thank you to Zach Fredin, Co-Founder & Lead Engineer for his contribution to this weeks post.


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