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Partnering With Techstars

When we started MacroFab in 2013, we knew that electronics manufacturing was a challenge for many new hardware start-ups: Parker and I were coming from a hardware startup ourselves, where we lived the pain on a daily basis. Looking at the tooling, and based on my experience building large-scale cloud technologies for security and workflow automation, we knew that we could provide a better experience to makers and startups who were working hard to make their product ideas become a reality.

Today we’re proud to announce that we’ve partnered with Techstars, who have led our $2MM Seed funding round to help improve the service and expand capabilities for makers and hardware startups. Our connection to Techstars goes back several years to when I was a mentor in the Techstars Cloud program. When we brought the idea to them in 2014, everyone knew it would be a great fit: as the world’s largest accelerator network, they see the challenges hardware startups face on a daily basis, and the feedback we could get through the network would greatly improve our service.

Moving forward, we’ll be using the funds to hire additional talent, reduce our lead times, and expand our service offerings. Together with Techstars, we look forward to reshaping the manufacturing landscape for makers and hardware startups!

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