You just got funded and you have investors to impress. vision needs an easy and affordable solution… yesterday

Your vision needs an easy and affordable solution…yesterday. The clock is ticking. and you’re determined to beat your competition to market. Whatever the reason, your reputation and your vision are on the line.

MacroFab makes it easy to juggle prototype designs, source materials and PCB assembly, program boards and shift into high-volume production, allowing you to fulfill your orders and your dream.

Online Platform
Quick Turnaround
Competitive Pricing
No Minimums
Quality Guarantee

“I’m learning a lot in this process, so it’s great to have so much communication along the way. MacroFab helped us to reach our potential.”

Steven D.

Co-Founder, Specdrums

Trust MacroFab to bring your product to market

As we like to say here in Houston, “this isn’t our first rodeo.” We help startups get to market faster and more reliably with our proven prototype assembly process, and no minimum order requirement.

Iterate on your prototype

Measure twice, cut once

Modify your design as many times as you need to get a proven model at lower costs

Get the validation you deserve

Validate that your design can be successfully manufactured

Test cost, and fast

Get quotes, within minutes and get to work faster

Scale up your production

On-demand manufacturing

Our experienced teams help you manage your inventory, fulfillment, warehousing, and shipment to end-user

Flexible payment terms and more

MacroFab offers payment terms for high-volume orders to qualified customers. Speak to our Sales Team to get started on the application process while we build your high-volume quote.

Forecast with greater reliability

Build a reliable revenue model around final price estimates. Eliminate second guessing and waiting weeks for a quote with instant and transparent pricing.

Skip the headaches of moving from prototype to production

Once your prototype is finalized, moving it to production comes with a special set of challenges—especially for startups doing this for the first time. On your path to fulfilling orders, countless operations and manufacturing questions must first be answered to maintain affordable and reliable production. 

The good news is that you can seamlessly move from prototype to production with one partner, MacroFab. Skip the headaches of rebidding and migrating to a new vendor and let MacroFab sort it out.


Draw insight from MacroFab’s expertise

You are not alone, unless you want to be. We have a fully self-service platform to let you build your momentum and get started faster, but if you need us, MacroFab will share our expertise from serving over 2,000 customers. Our dedicated teams are ready and waiting with that library of knowledge to assist you, if needed. 

Get started today.