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MEP EP#97: The Internet of Mothers

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Parker Dillmann
Stephen Kraig

Agustin Pelaez
Cameron Klotz
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Podcast Notes

  • Agustin Pelaez
    • Electrical engineer from UPB/FH Münster
    • Helped engineer a remote monitoring solution for Airbus Germany
    • Founded the IoT Application Enablement platform
  • Cameron Klotz
    • Joined Ubidots as the Director of Operations
    • Graduate of UC Berkeley
    • Previously worked in Operations and Project Management at Getaround Inc. and UBS Financial Services
    • Always focusing on efficient team/client dynamics and quality assurance
  • About Ubidots
    • You may have heard us mention them on MEP #88
    • Difference between their IoT platform and others
    • Long tail solution – through app development for engineers
    • What can Ubidots do for me?
  • How to get started in IoT
    • Overview of what IoT actually is
      • Devices
      • Connection protocol
      • Cloud
      • Application development
    • What makes a device IoT?
      • Convergence of digital to physical
      • Embedded design
    • What is an API and how is it tied into IoT?
    • Hardware?
      • Stephen’s arduino with temperature control sensor and valve
      • Program to send data; Ubidots library; search for existing HTTP libraries, put API token into firmware
      • What a payload looks like, what a token is
      • Create alerts within Ubidots Designing the app – see your device online, create widgets, email, web hooks, SMS,
      • Different ways to display data or act on it
    • Exporting data
      • Can send data out or pull it in from outside sources
      • Supports CSV downloads
    • How humans interact with the web and how devices interact with the web
  • How do you view the term “Internet of Things”?
    • Agustin – It’s a concept, solutions to a problem.
    • Cameron -”IoT” is a buzzword, getting hardware to connect to systems, “IoT solutions” get purchased. Gateway to finding solutions
    • Stephen – Something that exists today because the idea hasn’t fully coalesced. It’s a buzzword – protoword for what it will become.
    • Parker – Data management and analytics, in a single spot. In the cloüd.

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From UbiDots: Cameron Klotz and Agustin Pelaez

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!