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MEP EP#67: Don’t get Analyticized

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Runtime: (59:05)

Parker Dillmann
Stephen Kraig


Podcast Notes

  • Parker
    • Space Echo Facebook live Calibration. Tuesday at 4PM CST.
    • Particle Photon IoT work.
    • There needs to be an IoT for Hardware Engineers. If anyone has suggestions, send us a tip!
  • Stephen
    • Pat Hensley who is the Mainstream Sales Manager over at Tektronics/Keithley and a listener of the podcast has let us borrow a Keithley DMM7510 multimeter.
    • DMM7510 multimeter Specs:
      • Voltage Sensitivity: 7.5 digit sampling (10nV min)
      • Current Sensitivity: 1pA
      • Resistance sensitivity: 0.1u OHM
      • 14 ppm 1-year DC volt accuracy
      • 60 ppm 1-year DC current acccuracy
      • 24 ppm 1-year resistance accuracy
      • Calibration of the Electronic Development Corporation (now Krohn-Hite)
    • 501J DC voltage standard:
      • Repair: Bought the unit dead and found two bad power supply regulators
      • Raytheon RC4194TK
      • ST Micro L7806C-T
  • Rapid Fire Opinion (RFO)

Figure 1: Stephen working on his Voltage Standard with the DMM7510.
Figure 1: Stephen working on his Voltage Standard with the DMM7510.
Figure 2: The transistor heatsink
Figure 2: The transistor heatsink “hack” Stephen did.

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!