MEP EP#362: It is 2023, Why Does Footprint Design Still Suck?

Podcast Notes

First R2R bill passes and it is…

  • NY gov Kathy Hochul signed into law one of the first R2R bills
  • Hochul agreed to sign the bill with some last minute changes
  • Hochul wrote in a memo that the legislation, as it was originally drafted, “included technical issues that could put safety and security at risk, as well as heighten the risk of injury from physical repair projects.”
  • Changes
    • Stripping requirement for OEMs to provide to the public any passwords, security codes or materials to override security features
    • bundle “assemblies of parts” instead of just the specific component actually needed for a DIY repair if “the risk of improper installation heightens the risk of injury.”
  • Applies to devices built or sold in New York after july 1st
  • the bill’s revised language excludes enterprise electronics, such as those that schools, hospitals, universities and data centers rely on

Designing new Footprints in the year 2023. Why does this still suck?

  • As Electrical engineers that dabble in mechanical design
  • New footprints are one of the leading causes of a prototype or first article run going wrong
  • EDA Tools do absolute coordinates
  • Mechanical Tools do “dimensioning”

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!