MEP EP#307: Sixth Annual MacroFab Star Wars Christmas Special – The Bad Hunch

Podcast Notes

Latest in Star Wars Media

  • What has released since last year’s Star Wars podcast episode 255?
    • Star Wars Visions
    • Ending of Mandalorian Season 2
    • LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special
    • Bad Batch
    • Does Audible count?
      • Star Wars: Thrawn Ascendancy book 2 and 3 were this year
      • Star Wars: The High Republic
  • Upcoming releases you’re excited for?
    • The Book of Boba Fett
    • Ahsoka when it finally comes out
      • Mostly because it should have a live action version of Thrawn


  • StarWars Visions Ep 5: The Ninth Jedi asteroid grabbing trebuchet engineering exercise



  • Star Wars Visions episode 9: Akakiri
    • Praise/Rant
  • Lego Star Wars – Could you actually build…


  • Technology in Star Wars
  • What fictional technology do you think would make the most immediate impact on your life? How would you integrate it into your own work?
    • Anti-gravity, repulsors (floating stuff)
      • Vehicles are the obvious cool application
      • Manufacturing?
        • I worked in a foundry
        • The heat from the hot iron and the refractory sand constantly wore down the bearings in the conveyor system
        • If things could just float it would be amazing
    • Droids
      • How does anyone actually program these?
      • In The Mandalorian it seemed like it wasn’t a simple task to reprogram IG-11
      • Anakin “built” C3PO but did he really build it or assemble it?
      • In the series they say to “wipe the protocol droid’s memory” it seems like whatever the tech is it is easy to wipe memory but not easy to change programming
    • Hyperspace
      • Outside of exploration and colonization would this really make an immediate difference in day to day life
    • Power Density

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Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!