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MEP EP#29: Modular Toilet Humor

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Parker Dillmann
Stephen Kraig


Podcast Notes

  • Stephen is currently working on DipTrace part libraries and templates for DRC and CAM file generation. Should have an article out next week about it. GitHub repository for DipTrace files are located here.
  • The BGA Escape article is complete! Read it on our blog. See Figure 1.
  • Parker finished up the USB Type-C test board. Download the files here. He is using a Molex 105450-0101 USB Type-C that is all SMD. See Figure 2.
  • Progress on the KiCad footprints and part libraries. Check out what Dustin has done so far here.
  • Stephen found out that KiCad uses “.pretty” as an extension format for the libraries. Parker thinks the developers thought it was good for KiCad’s self esteem.
  • Toilet seat has a scale that tells you how much your excrement weighs. Stephen’s IoT toilet exists.
  • Modular Moto Z Android phone supports DIY and RPi HAT add-ons. A modular cell phone you can buy right now as Project Ara hasn’t seen any real hardware in customer hands yet. Has a SDK that allows talking to the interface.
  • Parker asks “College is starting back up. As a Freshman Electrical Engineer what should you buy to get a leg up?”. A good breadboard and jumper wires would help out in labs. Stephen and Parker will be putting together an Intro to Hardware article in the future.

BGA Routing Annular Ring
Figure 1: Image from the BGA Escape article.

 Molex 105450-0101
Figure 2: Board layout for the Molex 105450-0101.

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro theme!