MEP EP#282: When Print(); Just Works

Podcast Notes

  • SMT Connector Considerations
    • Switching from Though Hole connectors to Surface Mount connectors
    • Price difference
    • How many insertions?
    • Via Stitching pads
  • Plastic actuator update
    • 420,000 presses and going strong
    • 300 PPM
    • Damn arduino  Serial.println()
  • Do Not Use Print For Debugging In Python Anymore
    • Automatic verbose print statements for python!
    • Easy disable
  • Bipolar load switch with multiple enables 
    • Would rather not do this in discrete but probably going to have to
    • +/-12V in with a time delay 
    • on switching in the load
    • Second time delay that enables regulators after
    • Preferably one control signal (capacitors charging)
    • Considering SSR solution
  • Tasty Chips segment
    • Keystone 9081
      • Plastic standoffs that have double sided sticky foam
    • Keystone 7693
      • Screw Terminal PTH 6-32 Thread
  • Banana Jack Install Tool?
    • No one makes a socket driven one? ¼” drive?
  • Question for the future.
    • What would it take to design your own Multimeter?





Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!