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MEP EP#265: NuFuel and Gas Classic

Podcast Notes

  • Resealing 12oz cans?
    • FAIL! 
    • Worked till can shaken a bunch
    • Improvements
      • Working on finding a softer sealing surface
        • Currently using a Shore 55A neoprene rubber sheet 
      • Increase seal pressure on can 
  • Carmakers wake up to new pecking order as chip crunch intensifies
    • Follow up from last week’s discussion on Auto industry shutting down production due to lack of electrical components.
    • Both automakers and chip manufactures are pointing fingers
      • Chip makers point at the auto industry in that they are quick to cut production and cancel orders when car sales slump
    • Auto industry where used to being the center of attention for chip and electrical component manufacturers
      • The industry spends around $40 billion dollars a year on chips
      • By Comparison, Apple spends more on chips just to make iPhones!
      • Chips used in Auto tend to be more basic products and older micro controllers, Something that chip fabs do not really want to invest more production into
      • Chip Fabs are prioritizing higher margin, leading edge components
    • OnSemi plans to be back on schedule by 3rd Quarter
  • Eagle EDA Tool Designing parts from the bottom!
  • Starting a small business to sell hardware?
    • Tips for Parker?
    • This will be covered next week
  • DipTrace – PCB teardrops
    • Benefits
      • Stronger pad adhesion making for better reworkability
      • Prevents acid traps at sharp corners where traces meet a pad
        • This really is not an issue anymore
      • Inspect your board and run your DRC
    • Potentially make shorted pins appear worse
    • Interesting tombstone issue
  • Coolio opamp – TLV915x
    • Pricing
      • TLV9152 $0.354 in qty
      • TLV9154 $0.525 in qty
    • Offset
      • 125uV typ
      • 780uV max across temp
      • Input bias and input offset 10pA
    • 20V power
      • 750uA max across temperature supply current per channel
    • Rail to rail
      • 2k load 250mV from rail with 16V power
      • Drops to a fe mV with lower power
  • Cyberpunk is Real!
    • Porsche’s e-fuel is like a real life CHOOH2

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!