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MEP EP#257: Viciously Different Creams

Podcast Notes



  • Hardware v software – Features and their impact
    • Hardware
      • needs a lot of motivation to make a feature. It is slow and deliberate. Removing features is a big deal
      • features by default cannot break the device unless extreme cases are encountered
    • Software is “easier” to flip the switch on features.
      • Have to consider all the ways this will break things.
  • Kicad – Panelization
    • Moving between layers has hotkeys – yay
    • Middle mouse now by default pans and wheel is zoom
    • Snap to points is huge
    • Creating arrays actually creates arrays
      • There are pluses and minuses to this.
      • Ref Des is maintained!
      • Changes to one board are not copied!
    • Holes are not a function…..They are a footprint and therefore need to be created.
    • Most tutorials suggest that Mouse bites be made a part….
  • Buying new machines
    • Sometimes being an engineer is annoying but you still have to do it
    • Learn from my experience
    • Air Hose
    • Solvent
    • Power Cable
    • If you are a machine provider also consider these things


Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!