Success Stories

Get an in-depth look into how our clients have gone from prototype to market easily and affordably with MacroFab’s solutions.


“We couldn’t have done what we’re doing with this product rollout without MacroFab. They have been an enabling force in in this product development effort.”

Eric Eisele, Prototype Engineer KieranTimberlake

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“Moving from prototype to production was incredibly easy with MacroFab. You guys take a lot of the work off my back, which is very important to me as a startup founder”

Scott Shawcroft, Founder
Chickadee Tech

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“I can order from MacroFab, you guys manufacture the product, store inventory, and ship to customers. I don’t ever have to touch my product or materials.”


Kwabena Agyeman, Co-founder
OpenMV Cam

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“MacroFab’s automation allows me to get a price and timeline for any quantity of PCBs very quickly, without having to wait to get a quote back.”

Nick Johnson, Founder
Arachnid Labs

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“Without MacroFab I wouldn’t have been able to turn my Kickstarter campaigns into a full-on business. They’ve out-beaten the competition astronomically.”

Shawn Swift, Founder
Rabid Prototypes

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“MacroFab eliminates the difficulties we faced with other manufacturers. They can make small order quantities without making a big deal about it.”

Michael Lyons, Co-founder
CenTex Paranormal

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“MacroFab’s quick turnaround time is what sold us on the service. We wouldn’t have been able to get so far ahead in our R&D efforts without MacroFab.”

ScottNovich, Co-founder

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“My life has become so much easier by using the MacroFab platform. It’s allowed me to get more done and have a larger customer base.”

Tony Arkles, Software and Electronics Design Consultant

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