The shortest path from prototype to production

Nov 4, 202112:00pm CDT1 hour
Supply chain disruptions for electronic components, PCB materials, and more are expected to continue through 2022. Sitting back and waiting for the market to normalize is not an option for most electronics companies today. Digital manufacturing tools and platforms provide greater insight and flexibility than ever before for quickly reacting to changing market conditions and adapting products to the new normal.
Join design and manufacturing experts from Altium and MacroFab to learn how to take advantage of today’s digital design, supply chain, and manufacturing tools to quickly respond and react to changing market conditions.
What you will learn:
1. The landscape for digital design, supply chain, and manufacturing platforms
2. How to utilize real-time supply chain data to identify future risks for your product
3. How to rapidly re-design and validate variations of products
4. The future outlook for digital design and manufacturing tools, and the capabilities they will enable as teams adopt them