Understanding Re-Shoring in a Supply-Constrained World

Mar 17, 202212:00pm CDT1 hour
As more North American companies look to re-shore or near-shore manufacturing from constrained Asian sources, supply chain limitations, a lack of awareness of market specialties, and unfamiliar landscapes can complicate the mission.

Join us to learn more about the process of re-shoring production from Asia to North America, how to develop sourcing strategies that can provide the necessary flexibility during changeover, and how to utilize digital platforms to accelerate the process.

What you will learn:
• High-level strategies for re-shoring production:
• Transferring existing products from Asia to North America
• Starting new products in North America
• Developing an adaptive supply chain: multi-sourcing, design variations, and JIT-vs-Inventory
• Utilizing Digital Platforms to discover and develop a wider network of manufacturers