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Let MacroFab track down your impossible-to-find electronics components and speed up your procurement process - even if you manufacture elsewhere.

Just a few of the companies easing their supply chain anxiety with MacroFab

BHP Billiton
Flow Robotics

Make Component Sourcing Easier by Leaving the Job to MacroFab.

Electronics sourcing has gotten faster, more competitive, and harder to safely navigate. Hand the job over to MacroFab’s sourcing experts, and they’ll get the components you need from vetted sources.

Simplify Sourcing

Collaborate with in-house experts for faster sourcing and quality BOM management

BoM Management

Build out a customizable alternative parts list to expand your options

alternative parts

Use our smart algorithm to minimize WIP through timed procurement

smart algorithm

Decrease your internal labor costs and locate new savings using MacroFab’s vendor network

lower labor cost

Bypass market volatility utilizing new buying options through MacroFab’s sourcing network

market volatility

Use MacroFab’s AI-enabled purchasing to find cost reduction opportunities

cost reduction

Reduce your lead times and improve forecasting ahead of demand

lead times

Receive products when you need them or just in time.


Fast Component Procurement

Technology keeps changing, and so do we. MacroFab has the expertise, insight, and agility to help your company stay ahead of today’s procurement challenges.

Let MacroFab take care of your inventory and sourcing, letting you focus on other goals

sourcing parts

Decrease market volatility impacts through JIT scheduling

market volatility

Reduce inventory ownership burdens and improve your operational efficiency

market volatility

Use our in-place testing and inspections to improve product quality and cut risk

improve quality

Vendor Managed Inventory

Reduce your warehouse and personnel costs by using MacroFab’s space as a centralized warehouse for your builds. Our software tracks your replenishment and inventory data to help you make better forecasting decisions.

Improved Supply Chain Stability

Take charge of your supply chain problems utilizing MacroFab’s expertise

supply chain problems

Build a plan and maintain continuous sourcing for your necessary parts

sourcing parts

Maintain obsolete inventory and weather supply chain disruptions

obsolete inventory

Reduce risk, improve buying outcomes, and shorten procurement cycles

improve buying outcomes
Guaranteed Quality

Guaranteed Quality

MacroFab is a proud member of ERAI. We are committed to their high standards of quality and counterfeit mitigation throughout all our operations. We test for authenticity, quality, and compatibility to mitigate the risk of unwanted surprises down the line.

We off the following tests:

  • EVI Visual Inspection
  • Remarking and Acetone Swipe
  • Solderability
  • X-Ray
  • Decapsulation
  • Full-Functional Testing

Why Customers Choose MacroFab

supply chain management

Supply Chain Management

Place your order and let MacroFab handle the rest. Our logistics team will source all of your components and can help find alternatives for out-of-stock or EOL parts.

supply chain communication

Transparent Communication

Check in on your project's status at any time through our platform or your assigned account manager.

supply chain electronics manufacturing

Turnkey Electronics Manufacturing

Receive globally competitive pricing and fast, accurate production quotes. Rapidly scale up or down.

supply chain macrofab guarantee

MacroFab Guarantee

Our one-year warranty on workmanship guarantees that your PCB assembly will be held to the highest standards.