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Og digital manufacturing

What We Do

Electronics Manufacturing Platform

Tap into competitive pricing and elastic factory capacity across hundreds of manufacturing lines in North America

Quote and Order

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Faster Quotes

Digital-First Experience

  • Instant quotes and online ordering for PCB assembly services.
  • Interactive quotes for product assembly and testing RFQs delivered in days.
  • Support for most major EDA tools and industry-standard manufacturing file formats.

Learn More About PCB Assembly

Electronic Signature

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Simple Management

Manage Your Purchasing Process Online

  • Place re-orders and schedule production releases easily
  • Track order status and delivery dates online
  • Manage fixed-price agreements
  • Execute contracts and authorize orders
  • Automated invoicing and flexible payment options

Contact Sales

Product Dashboard

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Build Collaboration

Enable Purchasing Teams to Collaborate With Engineers

  • Digital thread maintains consistency from engineering to purchasing to the factory floor
  • Reduce production mistakes with approvals for immutable product orders
  • PCB change tracking and audit ability to ensure record-keeping compliance
Mechanical Bill of Materials

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Transparent Content

Make Better Production Decisions

  • Identify cost and lead time issues with fully interactive itemized quotes
  • Eliminate delays with real-time supply chain visibility and pre-approved substitute parts
  • Easily model costs from NPI to production volume

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