Manufacturing from Prototype to Production

Assembly Services

Use our transparent quotes and supply chain assistance to help you forecast easier, whether you are prototyping or needing high volume PCB assembly. Get instant quotes through our platform to prototype, test and iterate faster than ever before, then move to high volumes when you’re ready to scale up.


Programming and Testing

MacroFab will perform system testing to assure functionality to your specifications. Our production team will review and streamline your testing instructions, and help you replicate testing fixtures as you scale up in production volume.

We implement all customer-established PCB assembly programming and testing procedures. All that is required is a list of your needed equipment and documentation of your instructions.

As your quality requirements change over time, our team will ensure that the factory floor is always operating on the latest set of production and test requirements, version controlled through the MacroFab platform. To get started, contact customer service to submit your programming and testing procedures.

Conformal Coating

Increase reliability in harsh environments. Contamination from moisture, dust, fungus, extreme temperatures, chemicals, and other environmental hazards can impact the performance of your PCBs. If your boards are exposed to these conditions, safeguard them and extend their life with conformal coating. MacroFab factories provide a range of conformal coating types and methods, including acrylic, silicone and polyurethane. To ensure quality, we add a UV tracer to all of our conformal coating and inspect your boards for quality control under a UV light according to certified industry standards.

Please speak to our Sales team if you’d like to add the conformal coating to your PCB assembly. We will determine if the conformal coating is recommended for your build and will generate a custom quote based on your requirements.


System Integration

For full system manufacturing, MacroFab factories provide a complete range of PCBA, sub-systems assembly, complex integration, testing and configuration services.

When you need custom cable harnesses, conformal coating, program and test processes, 3D printing and injection molding, the MacroFab production team will prepare an execution plan to meet your box build needs.

For critical applications which require visibility down to the factory floor, MacroFab can provide the necessary traceability solutions, assuring compliance with quality and regulatory standards.

PCB Assembly

Whether you need to prototype one unit or are ready for high volume manufacturing, use MacroFab at every stage for PCB assembly. Access transparent quotes instantly and take advantage of supply chain assistance to help you forecast easier, at any volume. Create an account today to get started.


Supply Chain Management

The MacroFab team streamlines procurement to quickly source your electronic and mechanical components, and helps you find alternatives for any out-of-stock or end-of-life parts. Our deep network of supplier relationships assures best market pricing and high quality.

The MacroFab platform provides real-time inventory data allowing you to choose components substitutes to eliminate delays. Our sourcing algorithms are continuously improved, making your team smarter and your supply chain to be much more efficient.

Mechanical Assembly

We will take your assembly instructions and attach any type of fastener your designs require, from basic screws and washers to standoffs, spacers and light pipes. We offer torque testing and will accommodate any type of fastener. Sign up to get started or speak to our Sales Team for a quote.



For critical applications which require visibility down to the factory floor, the MacroFab platform can provide the necessary traceability solutions, assuring compliance with quality and regulatory standards. Contact our Sales Team to learn more.

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