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Getting started is easy. Upload your design files to get a transparent quote on PCB assembly in minutes. Validate your designs with a few clicks. Access competitive pricing, fast turnarounds, and the MacroFab Guarantee—all at your fingertips.

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Drag and drop your design files, verify your BOM to get instant, itemized quotes with lead times. It’s never been easier to get your PCB assemblies manufactured. Try our free demo.

“We started working with MacroFab very early on during the prototyping phase and that helped us out a lot to be able to move quickly to build prototypes, validate our designs, and then really jump into production planning and the higher volume manufacturing operation.”

Alan Besquin

Co-Founder and CTO, Somewear Labs

A smarter way to build.

Use MacroFab to prototype with greater agility. Make better manufacturing decisions with transparent supply chain data and deliver a finalized product to your team faster. Once your prototype is finalized, use MacroFab for high-volume production.

Instant, itemized quotes

Gone are the days of speaking to salespeople and waiting weeks for a quote, just to prototype. Upload your design files to MacroFab’s secure platform to get a quote for PCB assembly in minutes. Your quotes are itemized to help determine how to cut costs or optimize your design. View your BOM, then process your order with a few clicks. No more emails back and forth, just upload and go.

Photo of a dimly lit room with a computer interface terminal.
Photo of a dimly lit room with a computer interface terminal.

Faster, predictable lead times

The MacroFab Platform intelligently determines your lead time based on several variables and displays it on your screen. We are always improving lead times through process improvements and through our partner network of factories to give you the best service possible. Place an order of any size through MacroFab and we will ensure that it gets produced in the right factory with the right capabilities for your job, at the best available lead times. Rely on MacroFab to be your electronics manufacturing solution and tap into the available capacity of multiple factories.

Better decision-making with supply chain data

You’ve worked hard on your design and want it to be made exactly to your specifications. Use MacroFab’s real-time Supply Chain data to forecast parts availability and pricing for your high volume builds.

Identify cost breakdowns to make better decisions for your team:

  • Price transparency
  • View parts availability to forecast mid and high-volume production
  • Examine the labor impact on your component choices
Photo of a dimly lit room with a computer interface terminal.

case studies

Over 2,000 businesses and innovators use MacroFab

Whether you are an In-house EE team, an R&D team, a Design Firm, or a Startup – we’re happy to help you.

From prototypes to production with MacroFab

OSBeehives is on a mission to technify the beekeeping industry by building a global network of beekeepers and identifying causes and solutions for colony health deterioration.

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Kinetic began working with MacroFab on prototypes and low-volume runs two years ago and has since grown their customer base significantly. They are now steadily growing quarter over quarter and part of their success is due to the relationship they’ve built with MacroFab.

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Getting to market through cost-benefit analysis

MacroFab helped Somewear Labs understand and evaluate costs between two design options so they could quickly make the right business decision for their product launch.

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However you work, we’ll support you.

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Photo of a dimly lit room with a computer interface terminal.

Need high-volume production?

Once your prototype is validated, contact our Sales Team for a custom quote on mid to high-volume production including full product assembly. We also work with Purchasing Teams and offer attractive payment terms for businesses that qualify. Scale at any quantity you want, when you want, and at the competitive prices your business needs.

Reduce the delays and disruptions of having to onboard a new manufacturer. Seamlessly move from prototype to production with MacroFab. Learn more

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