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MacroFab helped a large Texas energy company decrease its inventory costs while improving its iteration turnaround times.
Renu Robotics’ increased partnership with MacroFab has panned out well for the company. In 2022, Renu Robotics plans to produce more than 1,000 units through the platform.
Elemental Machines Gains Manufacturing Flexibility, Engineering Design Services Partner in MacroFab
MacroFab helped Somewear Labs understand and evaluate costs between two design options so they could quickly make the right business decision for their product launch.
Kinetic began working with MacroFab on prototypes and low-volume runs and has used the MacroFab manufacturing platform to scale up to thousands of production units.
OSBeehives is on a mission to technify the beekeeping industry by building a global network of beekeepers and identifying causes and solutions for colony health deterioration. Their solution is BuzzBox, an IoT device that monitors beehive health using Artificial Intelligence.
Specdrums built a device designed to turn colors into sounds with an end goal of making music more accessible to people of all ages and communities.

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