PCB Fabrication

How to Reduce PCB Fabrication Costs and Speed Up Delivery

You may have seen a sign in a business near you that says, “We offer three kinds of service. Good, fast, and cheap. Pick two.” For many products and services, it is true that you can’t have all three. Fortunately, with PCB fabrication, you can. You simply need to find a vendor with a proven track record of high-quality results and an effective QA process, that high-quality these cost saving, time-line shrinking services.

Cut PCB Fabrication Costs

PCB fabrication vendors can help keep your costs down in a number of ways. Including:

Low Prototyping Costs

PCB Prototyping is one of the most important, and potentially most expensive parts of any PCB fabrication project. Look for a partner that welcomes prototyping orders and works to keep the price down. Not only will this reduce the budget for your project, but you will also feel more empowered to iterate as much as necessary.

No Minimum Quantity Requirements

Some PCB assembly providers have significant minimum quantity requirements or charge a fortune for small orders. They may claim that it is impossible to offer reasonable prices for small orders, but that isn’t always the case. Some vendors have the technology in place to combine multiple small runs into larger ones, keeping the costs down for everyone.

House Parts

If you are only doing prototyping or small orders and you are sourcing the parts yourself, you can expect to pay a premium. However, PCB fabrication houses can use the collective buying power of all of their clients to get discounts from suppliers. Those that offer House Parts, stock an inventory of popular items and pass their quantity discounts on to you.

Speed Up PCB Assembly Turn Around Time

No one wants to sit around for weeks waiting for their boards to be assembled. Here are a few ways that vendors can get your PCBs into your hands faster.

Instant, Online Quotes

Right from the get-go, you know you are dealing with a vendor that cares about speeding you along if they offer instant, online quotes. You don’t want to get off on the wrong foot by a quoting process that involves back and forth phone calls or email.

Cloud-Based Manufacturing Platform

The PCB manufacturing process happens more quickly when it is controlled by a technology platform that sees each project through from quote to delivery. Not only will you get your boards faster, but you’ll also have visibility into the entire process from anywhere.

Turn-Key Service

Choosing a service provider that takes care of part sourcing, not only saves you money, but it also shortens cycle times. By selecting a partner that offers seamless PCB fabrication, you’ll eliminate the time it would take you to find sources of parts, negotiate with suppliers, and ship to the fabricator.

Good. Fast. Cheap. When it comes to PCB fabrication, you really can have it all.