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Red Hot PCB: Smart Motion Control Products

This week’s Red Hot PCB, out of our assembly line, is called Precedent Motion, fromPrecedent Engineering, and will be a smart version of a 4-Amp stepper motor driver.


Precedent Motion has a range of motion control products, the first being a line of stepper motor drives starting with the MX4. This product will be mainly focused on small CNC machines but certainly is not limited to this. General machine automation is the broader arena where Precedent Engineering intends for its growth and use.

Because this is a “smart” drive, customized information such as serial numbers and manufacturing information can be stored in the device for tracking and more complete technical support.

Precedent Engineering’s goal is to have this product along with a more powerful unit, the MX8 (8 Amp version), on the market by the 4th quarter of 2017.

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