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Red Hot PCB: Lunar Pioneering

“Make Space Accessible to the World” is Astrobotics mission statement. They are developing the Peregrine lunar lander, to deliver 35kg of payloads from around the world. Featured on this week’s Red Hot PCB from our assembly line is a spectacular board for planetary drones. Created by the Astrobotics ” Future Missions and Technology” team, this cutting edge technology is developed for free flying vehicles to navigate through GPS denied environments, to explore bizarre areas on other planets. The boards are equipped with an LiDAR sensor, inertial sensor and stereo cameras to synchronize and collect data for onboard processing on their terrestrial drone for field testing.


Thank you to Kerry Snyder with Astrobotics for your contribution on this week’s post. Let us know how we can help you launch your next big project.


  • Piotr says:

    Nice board. Should the soldemask be used in space applications? According to ECSS-Q-ST-70-12C DIR1 it shall never be used.

  • Andrew Horchler says:

    @disqus_GfLWKULPVt:disqus: Board is for a terrestrial drone for field testing. One of the end application is space.

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