ARM9 Core Processor, Augmented Reality, BLE Beacon, bluetooth, Geolocation, GPS, i.MX233, near field communication, NFC
Augmented reality hardware

Red Hot PCB: Handheld Augmented Reality

Step into the world of augmented reality gameplay with this week’s Red Hot PCB from our manufacturing floor. MacroFab customer, Opal Studios designed the Opal MVP PCB which was developed to extend the user experience beyond the display screen. Powered by a lithium battery, this integrated design comes with capabilities of Bluetooth, BLE Beacon, and near field communication (NFC).

Augmented reality hardware

While it engages users through LCD lighting, and audio, these boards contain a GPS inertial measurement component to enable the incorporation of geolocation features into gameplay. Acting as the brain is a i.MX233 power management unit, ARM9™ core processor with several external memory modules. All of this compiles into a couple of square inches, for a seamless augmented reality experience in the palm of your hand.

Thanks to Dylan with Opal Studios for his contribution to this week’s post.