argon or krypton gas retention, bluetooth communication, inductive charging coils, moisture ingress, pressure oscillations, UV irradiance

Red Hot PCB: FDR Design for Window Sensors

This beautiful board is a patent pending array of sensors from FDR Designs. These boards will be placed inside residential or commercial windows during their construction, and will revolutionize the way windows capture information. The purpose of this sensor is to gather data, such as argon or krypton gas retention, moisture ingress, UV irradiance, pressure oscillations, and temperature changes.

This data is used by window manufacturers to ensure quality control and for validating new window designs and components. These types of sensors are invaluable for accelerated aging tests and they they don’t require wires. Running wires through the sealants would break the integrity of the seal, so FDR Designs have used inductive charging coils to power the sensor through the glass and communication is carried out using bluetooth to an Android app. More information on these sensors can be found here.

Thanks to Dan with FDR Designs for his contributions on this post.

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