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Red Hot PCB: Cellular Data Acquisition Technology

This week’s Red Hot PCB from our manufacturing floor features a beautiful board designed by Metiric that was developed for SMT Research for use in monitoring building and structural performance. This is a 24-bit high resolution data acquisition board with sockets that allow the use of either a particle photon or an electron core to control the PCB and allow Wifi or Cellular communication to the cloud. This board contains analog devices AD7794 24-bit ADC that expedites accurate readings of moisture content in different materials such as wood and concrete. Another awesome feature the board contains is an NFC chip and an ST M24LR04E, that provides a clean user interface to a smartphone used for configuration and retrieval of the devices last sensor readings. With memory capable of storing years worth of logged data this board can monitor different materials used in building envelopes.

Thank you to Chris Buzunis with Metric for his Contribution on this week’s post!

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