MEP EP#272: The Digital Mattress
Hyron and Zapp from the AND!XOR group joins the podcast this week to continue the discussion on the Right to Repair and Non Fungible Tokens.
MEP EP#271: The Right to Repair
What is the Right to Repair and what could be the impacts for electrical engineers, designers, contract manufactures and component suppliers.
Is Cloud Manufacturing the Future of the Industry?

Cloud Manufacturing is the next great advance in lean production. In many of the same ways that cloud computing enabled software companies to be more agile, with lower fixed costs, and greater elasticity than ever before, Cloud Manufacturing will enable hardware OEMs to respond to changing market conditions faster, and with lower total costs than traditional contract manufacturing.

MEP EP#270: Radio Frequency Eyeballs
A light at the end of the Supply Chain tunnel? IC manufacturers are spinning up new fabs in the United States but are they going to solve the crisis?
Supply Chain Security in 2021

Prototypes for industrial automation projects, not to mention more critical applications, are routinely done in China. These same designs are then given to supply chain teams that place the manufacturing orders with the lowest bidders in factories all over the world with no regard for security or IP protection. Supply chain security - for the real, physical supply chain, is incredibly difficult. And we’re exposed.