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New Standard DRC Specifications: Prototype PCBs with Smaller Features!

Previously, our standard manufacturing service design rule check (DRC) specifications were limited to 6 mil spacing and 12 mil drill. Today we announced that our standard manufacturing service will change to 5 mil spacing and 10 mil drill! The minimum annular ring size also drops from 6 mil to 4 mil! This means that you can design your PCBs to be smaller and more compact than ever before on the MacroFab platform and still be under our affordable prototype class level service and 10-Day Quick Turn Service.

Overview of the changes to the Standard Manufacturing Specifications

PropertyOld StandardNew Standard
Minimum trace width6 mil (0.1524mm)5 mil (0.127mm)
Minimum spacing6 mil (0.1524mm)5 mil (0.127mm)
Minimum annular ring6 mil (0.1524mm)4 mil (0.1016mm)
Clearances from edge of board10 mil (0.254mm)10 mil (0.254mm)
Minimum drill size12 mil (0305mm)10 mil (0.254mm)
Minimum paste aperture
12 mil (0.3048mm)12 mil (0.3048mm)
Minimum Silkscreen Size
5 mil (0.127mm)5 mil (0.127mm)


For more details about our Design Rules for PCBs, check out our knowledge base article for PCB Specifications and DRC. We hope our new smaller design rules for our standard manufacturing service will accelerate the prototyping process for electronic designers, businesses, and engineers around the world. We can’t wait to see what you will build!

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