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New Product Fulfillment Workflow

We’ve made some changes to the Product Fulfillment workflow. We’ve simplified the workflow so that new and imported requests are moved directly into a fulfillment queue.

When viewing your fulfillment queue, you are presented with a convenient set of graphs that represent the amount of available inventory for each of the products to be fulfilled. As you select requests in the queue, the inventory graphs are updated in real time so that you can visually prioritize your inventory consumption. Once you are happy with your selections, you can purchase all checked items in bulk, and we will begin the process of packaging and shipping your orders.

Queued Fulfillment Requests

Once inventory has been depleted, additional fulfillment requests requiring that inventory item cannot be selected. However, we do provide the ability to delete fulfillment requests in bulk regardless of inventory levels. By toggling the slider at the top of the screen to Bulk Modification, you have the ability to select fulfillment requests for batch operations, and then delete them using the Bulk Delete button at the bottom of the list.

We hope you find this improvement makes fulfilling your products easier. This is a first step towards more business focused improvements that we hope you’ll take advantage of in launching new and innovative products!