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New House Parts up Component Availability 04/2015

Our new House Parts are a great way to reduce the overall costs of your designs and ensure component availability when it comes time to get your design manufactured. This week, we’re adding some new parts to the list.

We come up with this list in two ways: first, we listen to the feedback we get from you and review the designs you upload for the most common parts. The second way we look at house parts is to consider a component that a lot of designs use, where these components are expensive and have a lot of variation between manufacturers, and then we find a high-quality version that we can buy direct from the manufacturer at a much lower price than through distributors. Our new Micro SD Card Slot Push-Push Type is an excellent example of this. Expect to see more parts like this in the coming weeks!

Without further ado, here’s the new list:

MF-RES-0402-604K Resistor Thick Film 0402 604K Ohm 1% 100mW 75V
MF-RES-0603-604K Resistor Thick Film 0603 604K Ohm 1% 100mW 75V
MF-RES-0805-604K Resistor Thick Film 0805 604K Ohm 1% 100mW 75V
MF-FUS-1812-500mA PPTC Resettable Fuse 0.50A 15V 0.15ohm
MF-FUS-1812-500mA Header 2.54mm 2×3 Unshrouded 6 Pins, 2 Rows of 3 (ISP Header)
TLV70233DBVT 3.3v, 300mA Voltage Regulator Low Drop-Out, Low Quiescent Noise SOT-23-5
MF-DIO-SOD123-BAT42 BAT42 Series 30 V 200 mA Small Signal Schottky Diode SOD-123
MF-CAP-0603-10pF Capacitor MLCC 0603 10pF 50V C0G +/- 0.5pF