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MEP EP#98: Second Annual MacroFab Star Wars Christmas Special: Jar Jar on a Harley

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Runtime: (01:25:27)

Parker Dillmann
Stephen Kraig

Taylor Smith

Podcast Notes

  • Taylor Smith
    • Works at MacroFab as the Production Account Manager
    • Manages all of our large customers as they go through prototyping to full production
    • Graduated from Texas A&M last fall
    • Joined the MacroFam early this year
  • Favorite Star Wars Character?
    • Organic
    •  Robotic
      • Taylor: R2D2 even though he slept through Rogue One
      • Stephen: IG-88
      • Parker: Not K-2SO
    • Thrawn Books
  • Tech that stood out in Rogue One
    • Data Storage Devices
      • Three different storage methods
        • USB Flash Drive: small amount of data.
        • Data Tape: looks like an external hard drive. Contains Death Star plans.
          • 8-track tapes style
        • Some sort of other kind of storage device that the plans get transfered to
          • Looks solid state
          • Newer format then the empire’s data tape?
        • Why doesn’t C3-PO have a wireless transmitter built in?!
      • There does not seem to be a ton of wireless communication
        • No Drop Box
        • Most radio transmission seems to be analog in nature
        • Trans-intergalactic data system
        • Star wars servers
      • Data Tapes stored in giant rooms which require physical access by manually manipulating robot arms
    • Transmission of data
      • Besides radio there seems to be a distinct lack of wireless transmissions in StarWars.
      • To transfer Death Star plans they needed a giant dish.
      • No digital communication over RF?
      • No lag with hologram communication via hyperspace
        • Analog data travel through hyperspace?
    • Death Star plans data size?
      • 160km in diameter: 1.72×10^16m cubed
      • Couldn’t find engineering drawings for an aircraft carrier
      • 3D file for a building would be around ~100MB but probably 300MB looking at solidworks stuff
      • 900m cubed area goes into a death star 19,111,111,111,111.111 times trillion
      • 5,733,333.333 (5.7million) petabytes
    • Solar freaking laser roads
    • No hacking in Star Wars
      • Reason similar to Battlestar Gallactica?
    • Death Star accuracy
  • CGI Tarkins and Leia in Rogue One: Future for The Last Jedi and other Star Wars movies
    • Will we see CGI Carrie Fisher?
      • Parker hopes she won’t die off-screen
      • Taylor thinks there will be a nice parting gift for her
      • Stephen thinks they’re going to kill all of the old cast members, including Mark Hamill
  • What are looking forward to in The Last Jedi  (new movie) and predictions
    • Taylor
      • Get more of Luke and Kylo’s backstory
      • What happened to make it go so wrong
      • Previews for Rose – curious to know more about her
    • Stephen
      • Wants to see the Jedi academy
      • Thinks Luke will die in this movie
    • Parker
      • Thinks Rey isn’t a Jedi. Stephen clarifies – she’s Force Adept – he thinks she’s going to be the balance. The gray Jedi.
        • Rey changes her name to Neo.
      • Closure on Luke saga
      • Wants to see more of Star of Death Killer – give purpose to what the good guys need to do
      • See the First Order mess more things up

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star wars podcast 2017

MacroFam and Star Wars fanatic – Taylor Smith

Figure 1: Tarkins height to figure out the distance the Death Star is from Scarif

Figure 2: Death Star firing its main super laser

Figure 3: Scarif’s citadel tower getting a bit of a trim off the top

Figure 4: Parker’s notes for calculating the orbit of the Death Star

Figure 5: Calculations for how many degrees of accuracy the Death Star needs to hit a target

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!