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MEP EP#82: Make electrons flow right?

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Parker Dillmann
Stephen Kraig


Podcast Notes

  • August Hardware & Electronics Engineering Meetup by MacroFab & Mouser Electronics event is live!
    • Wednesday August 30th in Houston, Texas
    • This month’s topic is Lean Manufacturing and Product Design
    • Stephen will be giving a talk on “How to Design Electronics with Lean Manufacturing in Mind”
    • Guests Scott Hansen and Eric Benzenhoefer of The Idea Tank will be there as well
    • We did a podcast with them a couple weeks ago on MEP EP#77
    •  Come grab some food, beer, and socializing if you’re in the Houston area
  • Parker
    • New EFM8 Article
      • Covers Simplicity Studio and how to get a blinking LED to work!
      • Will be out on August 30th
  • Stephen
  • POW
    • Project 54/74
      • Seeks to document 54xx/74xx-series logic chips and subfamilies by imaging and annotating their dies and tracing out their schematics
  • RFO

MacroFab Meetup


Front of the Synth Stephen designed and made.


Rear of the Synth Stephen designed and made. Still needs some tidying up.

Stephens Spiderman Deadbug Schematic. This makes everything work!

Hurricane Harvey

We are bracing for the avocado of doom.

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!