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MEP EP#81: Eddie Samuels and Comma.ai

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Parker Dillmann
Stephen Kraig

Eddie Samuels
Comma.ai Twitter

Podcast Notes

  • August Hardware & Electronics Engineering Meetup by MacroFab & Mouser Electronics event is live! Come grab some food, beer, and socializing if you’re in the Houston area.
  • Eddie Samuels
    • Been soldering and dremeling since the 7th grade
    • The first thing he built was a simple 7805 mp3 battery charger, guided by one of the original hackaday.com projects
    • Went on to get his EE degree at the University of Rochester and work for a year in the defense industry before moving to San Francisco to work at comma.ai
    • Underwater Rover Project
      • Project while in college
      • Sealing the unit was the hardest part
      • Moisture sensor built with strips of aluminum tape
    • EV Jetta
  • Comma.ai
    • Open source self-driving cars
    • Panda – the nicest universal car interface ever
      • ARM M4 – STM32F413
      • ESP8266 WiFi
      • Transceivers for CAN BUS, LIN BUS, and GM LAN
      • Can listen without the car modules knowing
      • Can interface with OpenPilot to develop a self-driving car
      • Github Link
    • Car bounties
      • Earn $5 to $10k by porting the code to other vehicles
    • Cabana – Demo
    • Order a Panda! Use it with cabana here!
  • Stephens Game – How would you get a ball out of a tube?
    • Eddie – use a laser cutter
    • Stephen – potato cannon, making his own gun powder
    • Parker – squeezes the tube like toothpaste
    • Leave your answer in the comments below!

Figure 1: Eddie Samuels
Figure 2: Comma.ai Hardware Lab
Figure 3: Panda ODB plug in module

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!