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MEP EP#74: Reverse Biasing Opamps

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Parker Dillmann
Stephen Kraig


Podcast Notes

  • July Hardware & Electronics Engineering Meetup by MacroFab & Mouser Electronics event is live! Come grab some food, beer, and socializing if your in the Houston area.
  •  Parker
    • Been learning Python and OpenCV
      • OpenCV is an open source computer vision library
      • PyImageSearch
      • Setup PyCharm
      • Using Requests to use and get information from the MacroFab API
      • Built a 3D printed chassis for holding a 5MP USB camera
      • Taking pictures of PCBs and removing lens distortion
    • RPI3 CM PCB done
      • Will be testing over the weekend
      • 6 Pack of beer riding on this board!
      • Board does power up correctly.
    • COMPIOT board Opamp blew up 🙁
      • Symbol on Schematic unlabeled for the power inputs of the opamp
  • Stephen
    • Still Making the three synth modules (two envelops and one filter)
      • Waiting on the CA3146 transistor IC
      • This is an obsolete part
      • Stephen wants to use it for legacy reasons
    • Making some power supplies for tube mics (the same one that we made for JOSH).
      • Have to figure out how to make a 6.3V or 12.6V high current rail along with a 200V to 300V low current rail.
      • Stephen is going to use transformers that I have at my shop.
      • One drops 120VAC to 10VAC and the other raises the 10VAC up to 230VAC
      • The 10VAC rectified can potentially give 12.6VDC. If not I can drop it to 6.3VDC.
      • The 230VAC rectified can become 325VDC.
  • Pick Of the Week (POW)
    • 130-in-1 Electronic Playground from SparkFun
      • With the closure of Radio Shack where would you buy one of these intro kits?
      • $50 is cheaper then Radio Shack even!
  • Rapid Fire Opinion (RFO)

Are you interested in seeing a blog series for the synth we’re working on? Let us know! 

Figure 1: OpenCV working with PyCharm. Detecting cat faces!
Figure 1: OpenCV working with PyCharm. Detecting cat faces!
Figure 2: 3D printed camera fixture.
Figure 2: 3D printed camera fixture.
Figure 3: Distorting the camera image.
Figure 3: Distorting the camera image.
Figure 4: Opamp Total FAIL!
Figure 4: Opamp Total FAIL!

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!