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MEP EP#7: The Art of Retention Force

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Parker Dillmann
Stephen Kraig


Podcast Notes

  • Parker has almost finalized the front panel design for the Super Simple Power Supply. Going to have a “VU” meter for how much power it is pulling.
  • Parker is also still looking for a proper encoder that is vertical mounted but is also thin enough to squeeze between the PCB and the aluminum front panel.
  • Next week Stephen and Parker will do a “live” discussion on how the Analog and Digital side of the SSPS will mesh.
  • Stephen is working on an Ultimate Pogo Pin Showdown article for the blog. He will be testing lots of different kinds of pogo pins with a wide assortment of tests.
  • Parker is working on getting an enclosure for the FX Dev board completed and Stephen has REV 2 of the PCB being made.
  • MacroFab now supports ODB++ format. Most big EDA tools support this format.
  • No Eagle ULP for ODB++ format?
  • Article on EEWeb about “Why to like USB 3.1”. Parker thinks the article is total click-bait.
  • Stephen thinks USB 3.1 is not backward compatible if you have to use an adapter.
  • Any reason to still use through-hole over surface mount today? Through-hole is the way to go for connectors and human interfaces. Simply put anything that needs retention force should be through-hole.
  • Parker has hacked his Sony wireless headphones to use an 18650 battery after he ripped off the mini USB connector several times. See Figure 1.
  • Stephen recommends The Art of Electronics. Parker has never read it and is going to borrow Stephen’s copy.
  • Parker recommends EMC for Product Designers. It is a good book for learning how to design better PCBs and devices.

Figure 1: Headset Parker hacked with a 18650 lithium battery cell.

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro theme!