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MEP EP#69: Incognito Mode

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Runtime: (53:16)

Parker Dillmann
Stephen Kraig


Podcast Notes

  • HyR0n
    • Mathematician, Computer Scientist, & Systems Engineer making the world a better place with homebrew booze and electronic bling.
  • Zapp
    • Has been writing software since age 8. Eventually making a career in developing for Java systems. He has since been promoted away from they keyboard and his life is now MS Office and meetings.
    • Didn’t know how to solder before DC23 .
    • Arduino was his gateway drug – all 15 projects of the starter kit in a few days.
  • Defcon Badges
    • Official badge has a deep puzzle – other badges filled with goo and mechanical.
    • Becomes part of the culture.
    • And!xor – is unique – most people are hacking badges. There are many ways to hack their badges. Ways to hack between badges.
  • Taco Town
  • Defcon 25
    • Hack everything from cryptography, cars, voting machines, bluetooth, lock picking villages, people will teach you if you’re willing to learn. Social engineering is a big village
    • Villages – way bigger than booths 2,000 square feet each, have their own badges, demos, hands on events, IoT village
    • 20K – 30K people attend
    • Defcon for newbies – don’t bring a phone, no wireless, bluetooth, no photos. Just go, have fun and learn. Cash only.
  • New Defcon Badge
    • HackADay.io Page
    • KickStarter Page
    • Specs
      • Shout out to Rigado BMD-300 SoC
        • Based on the Nordic NRF52 BLE SoC
        • ARM Cortex M4F
        • 512kb flash
        • 64kb rom
      • 15 x WS2812B LEDs
      • 5 buttons
      • Tilt switch
      • LED used for ambient light sensing
      • Standard SWD 10-pin mini header
      • Exposed GPIO
      • MicroSD w/ 2GB card included
      • 128×128 16-bit color display (ST7735)
    • Has a Chip-8 emulator
    • Can run Tclish scripting code
    • Has built in games like Ski Free where Man Bear Pig chases you
    • BOM and Gerbers might be open after Defcon.
  • Bender has a 6502 as a brain/cpu
  • Hack defcon with beer – bring your own bottled corona, so you don’t have to spend $9 / bottle
    • Hacking aka counterfeiting?
  • The MacroFab Meetup in Houston is next week!

Figure 1: Zapp riding some kind of mechanical beast.
Figure 1: Zapp riding some kind of mechanical beast.
Figure 2: Hyr0n showing off the new badge!
Figure 3: New DF25 badges being made.
Figure 3: New DF25 badges being made.

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!