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MEP EP#6: Mythical Transistors

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Parker Dillmann
Stephen Kraig


Podcast Notes

  • Parker is still working on the Super Simple Power Supply. He is designing the front panel. He is considering using some WP1043 Kingbright LEDs.
  • Super Simple Power Supply will have two decimal places for the LED segmented displays. 10mV and 10mA display resolution.
  • Keypad for punching in numbers directly and encoder for scrolling.
  • The Rigol DP832 is the powersupply Parker and Stephen currently use. Has the funky keypad. See Figure 1.
  • ESP8266 is a low cost wifi module that has been in the maker space for the last couple years.
  • IoT BBQ? Stephen thinks its getting silly. Parker thinks IoT is heading towards advertisement saturation for our lives.
  • Stephen did a guest lecture for the Iron Yard. It is a coding school. He gave a hardware based lecture. Covered the tool sets needed to design hardware like EDA Tools. Stephen pimped the MacroWatch.
  • Josh the sound guy trumps Parker and Stephen in figuring out where .ino file extension comes from.
  • Parker wrote a blog post about programming for production.
  • Heathkit launches a new website. $150 AM Radio? It is not just a radio but a chore since it is a kit! At least it looks nice…
  • Arduino and Raspberry Pi costs way less then any anything Heathkit offers. Stephen thinks Heathkit won’t last long.
  • Little Box Challenge winners where announced. The CE+T Power Red Electrical Devils blew the specs out of the water for the solar inverter.
  • Parker went to mouser to see if he could buy the mythical transistors the CE+T Power Red Electrical Devils used in the inverter. Found some crazy big GaN transistors made by GaN Systems. Pricey but crazy awesome power transistor specs.

Figure 1: Rigol DP832’s weird keypad.

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro theme!