MEP EP#6: Mythical Transistors

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Parker Dillmann
Stephen Kraig


Figure 1: Rigol DP832’s weird keypad.

Podcast Notes

  • Parker is still working on the Super Simple Power Supply. He is designing the front panel. He is considering using some WP1043 Kingbright LEDs.
  • Super Simple Power Supply will have two decimal places for the LED segmented displays. 10mV and 10mA display resolution.
  • Keypad for punching in numbers directly and encoder for scrolling.
  • The Rigol DP832 is the powersupply Parker and Stephen currently use. Has the funky keypad. See Figure 1.
  • ESP8266 is a low cost wifi module that has been in the maker space for the last couple years.
  • IoT BBQ? Stephen thinks its getting silly. Parker thinks IoT is heading towards advertisement saturation for our lives.
  • Stephen did a guest lecture for the Iron Yard. It is a coding school. He gave a hardware based lecture. Covered the tool sets needed to design hardware like EDA Tools. Stephen pimped the MacroWatch.
  • Josh the sound guy trumps Parker and Stephen in figuring out where .ino file extension comes from.
  • Parker wrote a blog post about programming for production.
  • Heathkit launches a new website. $150 AM Radio? It is not just a radio but a chore since it is a kit! At least it looks nice…
  • Arduino and Raspberry Pi costs way less then any anything Heathkit offers. Stephen thinks Heathkit won’t last long.
  • Little Box Challenge winners where announced. The CE+T Power Red Electrical Devils blew the specs out of the water for the solar inverter.
  • Parker went to mouser to see if he could buy the mythical transistors the CE+T Power Red Electrical Devils used in the inverter. Found some crazy big GaN transistors made by GaN Systems. Pricey but crazy awesome power transistor specs.

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro theme!