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Stephen’s transistor matcher.

MEP EP#54: Stay Hydrated While Gaming

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Parker Dillmann
Stephen Kraig


Podcast Notes

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  • Parker
    • Jeep Radio Working! Article out soon. Uploaded a video last week about it. See Figure 1 of the hack!
    • Modified my Tektronik TDS520 scope to have a USB stick. Replaced the low profile floppy drive with a emulated floppy drive with USB on it. Parker bought it here on ebay. See Figure 2.
  • Stephen
    • Synth update. PCBs should arrive next week.
    • To match the transistors for the synth, Stephen is going to use his transistor matcher to test them. See Figure 3.
    • Stephen needs 6 matched BC547C transistors. He is going to buy 100 transistors ($5.70) so that he can pick the best 6 that match.
    • The Open PLC that Parker and Stephen have been talking about is finally doing something!
      • Building a hand place bench
      • Controls sensors and barcode scanner
      • Stephen is also going to use it in a museum project
  • RFO
    • Have we gone too far with RGB LEDs? Razer Chroma Mug holder.
    • Samsung might just be a bunch of pyros. Fire Breaks out in Chinese factory that makes Samsung note 7 batteries.
    • Computers that can survive on the surface of Venus
      • Sulphuric rain is easy, Not being cremated by 470°C (878°F) or crushed by 90 atmospheres or 9MPa is hard.
      • Longest survival time for a human-made object on Venus was 127 minutes, back in 1981 when the Soviet spacecraft Venera 13 landed there. Took the only color picture of the surface.
      • Semiconductor Silicon Carbide electronics, support high temperatures.
      • NASA’s Glenn Research Center developed high temperature wire bonding.
      • GEER—the Glenn Extreme Environments Rig. Can simulate the surface of Venus.
      • Oscillator operated for 521 hours before they turned the simulator off.
  • The Footprint Files – Properly marking parts with silkscreen – Capacitors. Look for the article Parker will be writing next week!

Figure 1: Parker's Jeep Radio Hack is done!
Figure 1: Parker’s Jeep Radio Hack is done!
Figure 2: Tektronik TDS520 scope modified with a USB port.
Figure 3: Stephen's transistor matcher.
Figure 3: Stephen’s transistor matcher.

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!