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MEP EP#52: Anti Fitbits

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Runtime: (33:07)

Parker Dillmann
Stephen Kraig


Podcast Notes

  • Parker wrote an article about mounting holes! Stephen and Parker talked about this on the last episode of the MEP.
  • The Open Source PLC that Parker and Stephen bought is working.
    • Was able to get WiFi connected
    • ESPlorer to configure the ESP8266
    • ESP8266 Node MCU
    • LUA programming language
    • Has an example server that lets you toggle inputs and relays via web browser
  • Parker is setting up an IoT network at MacroFab to test the PLC and other ideas.
  • The Giant LED Clock segment is ordered.
    • Size of the PCB: 6.3”x2.6”
    • 86 0805 LEDs on the board
    • Each segment will pull 1.72A at 1.8V
    • Mounting holes for power input
  • FX Dev board has 21 days left. New video content to arrive tomorrow. A demonstration of how to build something.
  • Stephen is still waiting on the greatest resistor in the world PCB to arrive. Should have an update next week.
  • The synthesizer that Stephen talked about on EP#35 Surgical Synthesizers has progress! Feature creep:
    • Midi to cv
    • VCO Core Module – 6 wave outputs
    • Wave Animator
    • VCF
    • VCA
    • ADSR Envelope
    • LFO
    • 507 components on the board
    • Auto Routers stink. See Figure 1 and 2.
  • IoT Beer Drinking! IMU data from a wrist strap can you determine how many beers you have consumed. The Anti Fitbit.
  • A global distribution agreement between Mouser and SparkFun Electronics brings access to 500 SparkFun products, including SparkFun’s Arduino Pro, RedBoard and LilyPad tools to Mousers website.
  • Stephen and Parker discuss silkscreen markings for Diodes! Look for an article on this next week.

Figure 1: Stephen's synthesizer
Figure 1: Stephen’s synthesizer “auto placed” parts in Diptrace.
Figure 2: Diptrace's auto route leaves much to be desired.
Figure 2: Diptrace’s auto route leaves much to be desired.

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!