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MEP EP#49: Blinding LEDs and Bypass Capacitors of Another Kind.

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Runtime: (38:14)

Parker Dillmann
Stephen Kraig


Podcast Notes

  • Last week Stephen and Parker asked listeners for names for the two conference rooms so far these are the suggestions.
    • Tony the DIYer – MacMinor and MacMajor. Some platforms the c struct that holds the mac address specifies it as a pair of major (32 bit) and minor (16 bit) values.
    • Justin Knight – pagoda for the smaller room since it doesnt have chairs.
    • Hertz and Mega Hertz
    • Vcc and Vdd
    • Power and Ground
    • SDA and SCL
    • TX and RX
    • Conferance McConferance Face
  • Look for an online poll soon for the name!
  • Parker was testing a customers LED board earlier this week. Fed up with blinding himself with the bright LEDs he decided to wear a welding mask. See Figure 1. The helmet can be found on amazon.
  • Parker took a welding class at TXRX Hackerspace.
  • Stephen has been working more on “The Greatest Resistor….in the world.”. Stats below! See Figure 2.
    • Power:
      • 0.0625w
      • 40,000 resistors = 2.5kW
      • V = SQRT(P*R) = 5000V @ 0.5A
    • Voltage:
      • each resistor is 50v so 200 in series = 10kV
      • Temp Coef: 100ppm
    • Eagle File Size: 3.888 Mb which is 40,485 lines
  • Space Echo just needs calibration. Anyone know how to generate these specs?
    • Feed sin wave of -50 dBm into input (See Pg 16-18 of service manual).
    • Space Echo RE-201 Service Manual
  • Possible Thermal Camera to look at the heat up during powering? What kind of resolution would that camera need to be?
  • Razer’s Project Valerie is a radical three-screen laptop that unfolds with robot arms.
    • Tri screen laptop
    • Mechanical Keyboard
  • Tesla turns on the Gigafactory. More than 2,900 people are already working at the 4.9 million square-foot facility, and more than 4,000 jobs. No info about the batteries yet.
  • The Other Kind of Bypass capacitors.
    • Article not about normal bypass / decoupling caps but about feedback caps in circuits.
    • Other words bypass caps for feedback circuits.
    • Opamps have these internal feedback capacitors to reduce the high-frequency gain of the op-amp, in order to allow the amplifier to have a predictable transfer function that is stable at unity-gain.

Figure 1: Parker dons a welding helmet to prevent himself from going blind while testing some super bright LEDs.
Figure 1: Parker dons a welding helmet to prevent himself from going blind while testing some super bright LEDs.
Figure 2: Stephen's giant resistor layout in Eagle.
Figure 2: Stephen’s giant resistor layout in Eagle.

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!